Features include manual latches with a key lock to open the ICBX with or without the automatic opening system, drain holes on both sides to make cleaning easy, a bottom that slopes towards the side of the bed to keep contents from sliding around, the touch buttons on the sides that open the lid, and an insulation material that a few years ago was only used for spacecrafts.

The ICBX is controlled through a web app, from there you can view current temperature, set minimum and maximum temperature and open the ICBX. You can also view location because the ICBX has a GPS locator built in as an added feature.

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an ICBX™

We designed the ICBX smart cooler to keep your drinks cooled anywhere you go. The ICBX, pronounced “icebox”, is a smart cooler integrated onto your pickup truck’s bed and your vehicle’s electrical system. The ICBX is controlled by an app on your smartphone. The app communicates with an on-board controller wirelessly. The ICBX is programmed to shut down if the vehicles power drops below 11.8 volts, even in this scenario the ICBX will stay cold for 5 days.


You don’t need to buy ice and clean the cooler afterwards from melted ice. Each box is made of durable weather resistant aluminum (.9 grade) with diamond plate pattern, every seam is properly sealed. You don’t have to worry that the cooler will get fried when the first spring shower hit. Moreover, a compressor and an electrical system of the cooler is secured inside of the box.

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